Watermelon-Mint Granita

>> Sunday, June 5, 2011

This has to be the easiest, and most refreshing, dessert in the history of the world! I'm serious. Totally serious. Nothing tastes better on a hot day and after a big meal than watermelon-mint granita. With only three ingredients and hardly any work at all, you have no excuse not to try this recipe.

One of my friend's husband is a wonderful cook. He's so adventurous in the kitchen and I always look forward to his food. He made this dessert for us over a year ago and everyone loved it. It's light, it's sweet, it's icy and it's just delicious. And so much healthier than just about any other dessert. Next time you're going to a bbq or a picnic, forego taking sliced watermelon and whip up this little treat. Everyone will thank you for it, I promise!

Just one piece of advice: make sure you buy seedless watermelon so you don't have to spend an hour picking out all the seeds! Not a fun way to spend the afternoon - I learned this the hard way!

Watermelon-Mint Granita
recipe courtesy of Robert

6 cups watermelon chunks
1/2 c packed mint leaves
2 T sugar

Combine the ingredients in a food processor and puree. Pour into a dish and place into the freezer. Every hour for the first three to four hours, take a fork and scrape the granita to keep it slushy. Serve and enjoy!

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