Meal Plan - August 8th thru August 14th

>> Monday, August 8, 2011

Last week I really didn't cook very many of the meals I had planned because I just threw the menu together without much thought. Generally, if I'm not very excited about the menu, I won't follow it or feel much incentive to cook - which usually means we eat out or we eat frozen pizza. So this week I put a little more effort into our meal planning so that the blog (and our pocketbook!) doesn't suffer. Only one recipe post last week was just embarrassing! In my defense, Finley went to one day of preschool before she got a rash all over her tummy and back. So I didn't exactly get all that free time last week that I thought I would. Crossing my fingers Finley makes it all three days this week!

Also, just about all of my recipe ideas came via Pinterest this week. If you aren't on Pinterest yet, you should totally check it out!


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