Goat Cheese-Arugula Ravioli with Tomato-Pancetta Butter

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two years ago Andrew bought me the pasta making attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer. Occasionally he brings up that its still sitting in the box on the bottom shelf of the pantry but I've learned to pretend that I don't hear him. Who wants to take the time to make fresh pasta?! Well this weekend Andrew decided he wanted to do just that. We worked out a compromise - he made the pasta dough and I made the filling. It was actually really fun and not nearly as difficult as I assumed it would be. It was the perfect lazy Sunday activity!

I followed this recipe, with the exceptions that we made fresh pasta dough instead of the won ton wrappers (if you didn't want to make your own pasta - I wouldn't blame you if you didn't! - using the won ton wrappers is a great shortcut) and I used half goat cheese and half ricotta. Andrew's not a huge fan of goat cheese so this way I could still enjoy the tang of the goat cheese but it wasn't overpowering. Overall, I felt like this dish was restaurant-worthy! It was delicious and the sauce that goes with the ravioli was just perfect. I can't wait to have it again! http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Goat-Cheese-Arugula-Ravioli-with-Tomato-Pancetta-Butter-104784


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